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Our urine is the best synthetic urine available. We have the most complete formula. It has everything that real urine has except for DNA. Our competitor’s urine is mostly only water, cretin and coloring. We do not use biocides to keep it fresh. Ours is sterilized so, when it is exposed to the atmosphere, it will grow bacteria, just like real urine does. That is very important if the sample is sent on to a lab. The lab expects it to have grown bacteria over the several days it takes to get to them. We have a proven track record over 15 years in the business.
  • Correct liquid color
  • Correct amount of foaming
  • Correct ph
  • Correct specific gravity
  • Provide the best customer service
  • 800 number on the box
  • Same day shipping
  • Discrete shipping
  • Secure shopping
  • Credit card fraud protection
  • Privacy protection
  • Fair price!

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